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Boxing glove dont match the dress so lets loose the arms, k?

Boxing glove don't match the dress so let's loose the arms, k?

So far, Venus retrograde has been good to me. I had a lovely moment a few weeks ago when a dear childhood friend who I lost returned (gotta love facebook) and we are very happily back in touch. But coming up it looks as though she has some pretty heavy stuff to show me and I wonder if I can take it? As many astrologers will warn you:

When archaeologists discover the missing arms of Venus de Milo, they will find she was wearing boxing gloves. ~ John Barrymore


As someone who’s chart ruler is Mercury and at the highest point of my chart (conjunct the mid-heaven) I have come to respect, prepare and appreciate Mercury’s regular do-over periods and have learnt a lot about the value of slowing down, taking notes and paying more attention to my inner landscape during this period. And waiting for practically everything in my life to stall and start over differently each time….

But this Venus retrograde has me running scared. Mainly because I’m not as in touch with this planet as I’d like in my own chart (she’s squished between my sun and mars all in 16-17 degrees Aries and often vocally expresses her dislike of this placement like a stroppy beauty queen forced to clean the smelly men’s locker room after the big game) but she does rule my moon (Taurus)  so I like to think that she’s a little more empowered with this placement and will only take orders from Mars and the Sun for as long as it suits her.   

There’s a few reasons why I’m already disliking 2009’s retrograde phase. Firstly, Venus is in my natal sign (Venus in Aries) so I feel reasons to be nervous and expect that there will be some events coming to me during the phase, whether I like it or not. A lot of interesting things are being said about Venus retrograde through this sign, never forgetting to mention how Venus is so obviously uncomfortable in Aries. I think this is all a bit insensitive. Try having it natally and then come and talk to me about how Venus feels in Aries.  

Secondly, another gripe, with Venus in 17 degree Aries means her retrograde period is dragging out my Venus return no end which is like watching a pen rolling  back and forth on an uneven desk and you’re holding your breath waiting for it to roll fast and far enough just to fall off….and worse! in my Venus return chart she’s not a happy bunny. Sure, she’s making a nice conjunction to Mars (but as I have this aspect natally I’m hardly expecting it wil mean very much) in the 2nd house so I’m going to be loving my securities this year. Saturn’s in the 7th house and Aquarius is rising so the less said about that the better. But it is happening on May 23 and the almost the day of the stellar conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which are all rising in the chart so I figure it might not to time to throw it all in just yet. But I’m not breaking out the bunting yet either.

Third and most irritatingly, this means she is now going to be retrograde in my Solar return. Brilliant.  Oh, and did I mention Libra is this year’s SR ascendant so not only is she incapacitated, she’s also the chart ruler. Better and better. GAH. Interestingly though, SR ascendant is cover my natal fourth house so home, family, emotional issues seem to be the lay of the land this year.

To put it midly, I had a truly horrific time of it with love issues last year (SR Venus in the 9th on O degrees Aries square Pluto in the fifth) so I had high hopes that I would have earned some nice love karma (you can’t cry that much and not have the universe take pity on you, surely?), that I could look forward to a new romance or ten but nooooo she’s in the 6th house of my Solar Return so I’m going to be loving to serve others, or my work or my health. What. Ever. I’m seriously thinking of travelling far west of UK (like to Greenland) to see if I can heckle her into the fifth but I don’t think that’s part of the master plan. And then she’d be squashed into the same house as a frightening Uranus-Mars conjunction already occupying the SR fifth house (and I suspect ready to do their worst) 

Everything happens in cycles, right? Well, I’m superstistious enough to think if I try to dodge this one it could only be worse in the end so I’ll just have to live through another year of thinking all men are almost entirely crap….my thanks to Venus. Thanks for nothing.

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Did you know that you can use your Moon sign to be more emotionally intelligent and get the most out of each month? By paying attention to the movements of the Moon as it trails across all sections of your chart within the lunar month (about 27.5 days give or take a few hours…) It will touch on key points, planets, trigger aspects and make its presence known in each house, showing you which parts of your life are going to be the focus for the 2 and a bit days that the moon spends in a house or sign. I like to use the houses because I think this is more accurate than just using the signs.

So, the first place to start is to look at your birth chart. Where is your Moon in the chart? The 1st house? The 5th? This is the house where you will always feel the most powerful effect of the Moon and the most emotionally comfortable.  Then by using your chosen Astrology software take a look at the transits to your birth chart on any particular day in the coming month. You will be able to see the Moon moving through a particlar house and it will be the matters governed by this house that will be front and centre on the date selected. Make sense?

Ok, let’s look at the matters ruled by each of the houses and then you can take a closer look at your Moon’s movements through the chart. This is just shorthand meanings for more in depth explanations of the houses and their meanings, try the articles section of www.astro.com.

1st house = your identity, your social mask, your appearance

2nd house = what you give the most value to, your personal possessions/skills and your attitude to money

3rd house = how you comunicate, your relationship with siblings, short journeys and your intellectual outlook

4th house = what is home, your sense of family, the most influential parent (Mother or Father) and your emotional well being

5th house = what are you attracted to, where and how do you find pleasure, hobbies and interests, creative projects and children

6th house = your daily routine, your work ethic and attitude to serving others, your health

7th house = your most important partnerships (lovers, wives/husbands, business partners), how you relate to others, what you find the most meaningful qualities from others

8th house = your sexuality, your attitude to taboos, death and underworld topics, how you approach other people’s money

9th house = how you learn, your philsophy on life, society and its laws, how you acquire new skills, new cultures and all things foreign

10th house = your public life, your reputation, your career and the lesser influential parent (Mother or Father)

11th house = your humanity, you in group activities, your friends, your idealism about how the world should be

12th house = your dreams, your unconscious motivations, your attitude to making sacrifices, your self-sabotaging behaviours  

Each day the Moon will be in one of these houses and you should be able to follow it’s movements so you can feel how your focus changes ever few days so that new matters are emphasised around you. But, as with everything to do with the Moon in your chart, you are more likely to feel this energy rather than experience it coming from others so pay attention to your inner emotional landscape to see if you can notice when it shifts.

I’ll be back soon to take more about how you can plan your month to the best advantage using only the Moon’s  monthly transits.

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The ascendant is the place where everything in your chart begins.

It will define the nature of the first impression you give to others, the planet that rules your chart, aspects of your personality will be coloured by it and how you approach, react and live in the world on the most fundamental level. Through it, you are able to know a lot about a person, almost instantly, even if you have never met or know them only a little….

And because The Ascendant is considered the starting point of your chart, you should see it as the face you show most often to the outside world. The characteristics of this sign will be much more apparent to others than perhaps the deeper, more essential part of you represented by the Sun or the Moon. For example: whether you like small talk at parties, how you introduce yourself to others, are you shy or confident at job interviews, are you charming or abrasive with new acquaintances?  All of this is coloured largely by your Rising sign. Sometimes the Rising sign can easily explain why you feel that people’s first impression of you has nothing at all to do with who you feel you really are, and depending on the relationships (or aspects) that your Ascendant makes to other points, planets and significators in the chart will determine how you are seen by the rest of the world and how you know yourself.

The Rising sign is a brilliant thing to know for horoscope forecasts you will find they suddenly become much more meaningful and accurate when you read this sign instead of your Sun sign.  Try it the next time you read a horoscope and I promise you will be surprised.

And…it will also decide for you which of the planets and its house rulerships has the most influence on you. Very handy stuff to know if you’d like to get a deeper understanding of why you are here on earth and what you’re most likely to do while you are here. The planet that rules your Rising sign will be ruling your chart too. This can show you a lot about what areas of your life will be most important to you. If Venus rules your chart (with a Taurus or Libra Ascendant) then beauty, harmony and balance will be key and depending on the sign and house that Venus is in, this will show you what part of your life must have beauty, harmony and balance the most! Or, if Pluto rules your chart (Scorpio Ascendant) then it will be all about power, regeneration and all things taboo.  To see more about the charateristics of your Rising sign, check out Cafe Astrology’s article.

Briefly, here are the planetary rulerships in Astrology (traditonal and modern) so you can see what planet rules your chart.

Aries – ruled by Mars, Taurus – ruled by Venus, Gemini – ruled by Mercury, Cancer – ruled by The Moon, Leo – ruled by The Sun, Virgo – ruled by Mercury, Libra – ruled by Venus, Scorpio – co-ruled by Pluto/Mars, Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter, Capricorn – ruled by Saturn, Aquarius – ruled by Uranus, Pisces – co-ruled by Neptune/Jupiter.

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What can you say about Pluto that hasn’t been said before? The answer is not much. But there is much more to this planet than death, endings and all-out destruction which is often attributed to be caused by transits, progressions and aspects from this planet.

Thinking on Pluto and his influence is a bit like the debate of whether the cup is half-full or half-empty. For people who don’t enjoy change (i.e. the fixed signs) then I can see why the Pluto is the absolute worst, inspiring fear and agony in his wake. But for the more open-minded, flexible signs (i.e. everyone else) he is a necessary pain that periodically comes along to change your focus, switch direction and find things that are more meaningful in your life.  Pluto, as Lord of the Underworld, brings that which is hidden, in shadow or denied to light. Pluto cannot be doing with things being pushed under the carpet, he is adamant that everything must be faced at some point, nothing and no one is exempt.

Like a ruthless spring clean, Pluto comes along and asks you ‘Do you really need that?’ but even deeper than that he can show you things in your life that you didn’t even suspect were there. So, by making you cleaning out your closets, reveals an entire new section of your home that you never knew of and it contains long-lost parts of yourself that you had long forgotten or never even met.

Now, do not misunderstand me, nobody will ever really enjoy a Pluto visit because his method is to ask you a few times ‘Do you need that?’, ‘Don’t you need to change something?’, ‘Isn’t something missing?’ and if you’re unaware of what is to come, you do nothing still. But, sometimes weeks and months later, if you haven’t taken the time to look at what he means he will come along and burn your house down (metaphorically speaking). 

Then you can really see that you had no need of those things and, in fact, they have been holding you back from your true path all this time and its because you didn’t want your house burned down and it was your worst fear to lose everything that Pluto visits are almost transcendentally painful. It takes time before you can see clearly through the smoke to the phoenix rising from the ashes; stronger, faster, better. Your only choice is to rebuild what was destroyed and now because you have experienced his decimation first-hand, you build it differently with more support and a much, much stronger structure so it limits the amount that can be destroyed next time.

When Pluto is working positively, he removes the things that we couldn’t face leaving ourselves but after the shock has worn off we can appreciate that it had to happen. When working negatively or not very well integrated into the birth chart, he violently destroys something we thought was precious and forever without explanation or remorse. Its worse at these times because its only when things get taken out of hands and its all raging house fire infernos that can make us feel this is the end of us – that’s Pluto. Best to take a look at your own chart and see what areas of your life does he rule?

All of this said, I have to say that I have great respect for Pluto and having experience some of his more ruthless and soul-destroying transits I now appreciate that by forcing you to look closer and face facts he keeps things in perspective. Rebuilding yourself periodically only makes you realise that once you’ve lost everything some of the fear goes away and you can face anything! What does not kill you only makes you quicker to see the sniper in the tank next time….

Have any of you experienced Pluto recently? His move last year from Sagittarius into Capricorn has caused a lot of change around us and many may have found last year less than stellar as a result. If you do have something to share, please post a comment.

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