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Solar Return 2011

Another year, another challenging solar return. It’s becoming quite the trend but after the Saturn Return in September I’m fairly sure I can handle just about anything…

One note on this year’s SR chart, if I spent this return at home the stellium was set to fall in the 11th/12th houses. I did not fancy living through a year of 12th house issues so I’m going on holidays to move the stellium to the 6th/7th houses instead. Guess we will have to wait and see if the theory of moving locations actually works, and so here is my SR for 2011, pictured left:

Positives: Sun/Jupiter/Mercury conjunction, Pluto sextile Venus and Moon sextile Mars/Uranus conjunction from this I’m taking the idea that there will be a lot of activity around my intimate relationships. Big changes should occur with Jupiter/Uranus both making connections to Sun/Moon and personal planets Mercury/Mars but also I think the main focus could be the Me vs. Us with conflicts around personal freedom needs within close partnerships. I have Sagittarius on 7th natally so Jupiter here so freedom is always an issue (plus I am an Aries!).

And cringe/sigh with me – now for the Negatives: Moon square Neptune, Saturn oppositions and Pluto squares galore – this is not going to be a year where things are smooth sailing. Without being overly dramatic I predict there will be a lot of situations that will feel like a fight for survival or a war against boundaries. The Moon square Neptune in the context of emotions, particularly, indicates there will probably be some lack of boundaries or a need for them. I have Neptune in 7th natally so again, this aspect brings up birth chart challenges that are likely to have to be faced.

The oppositions from Saturn makes sense, as it transits Libra, it will oppose my Sun/Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries so I’d expect that Saturn would be involved in this year’s SR chart but coming from the 1st house I’m not looking forward to being unable to express myself or be faced with situations where I’m limited by Saturn’s tone. Asc ruler is Mercury which is conjunct Sun/Jupiter so this could mean the limits are connected to a relationship or partnership. Saturn is also the ruler of the 5th house so the connection to boundaries to self-expression, and all 5th house matters, continues….

A 4th house Pluto doesn’t exactly help matters. This year I am due to apply for citizenship/visa permission to continue living in the UK so that’s a big part of my ‘home’ I’m letting go. Also means this could be a year where ‘home’ is interrupted by power struggles/control issues or beset by major disruption. Isn’t that just a peachy prediction? 4th house is ruled by Jupiter which is being squared by Pluto so it could mean that a relationship could be affected by control/power/disruption and to do with home/family. Or relationships cause conflicts at home.

However, Pluto does have support from Venus so perhaps it’s not going to be all doom and gloom. Pluto is ruling the 2nd house so finances (Venus rules money/resources/finances with 2nd house) should be positive. Or, if trouble does strike, I’ll be able to buy my way out or have enough resources to cope.

The last note is Pisces on DSC, ruled by Neptune in the 6th, has a work/service/day-to-day affairs theme to the stellium of planets involved with 7th house matters.  And with Neptune squaring the Moon, many of the relationship issues are probably going to cause a lot of emotional stress/tension.

Overall, no matter where I am this year looks set to be a challenge – I am turning 30! – but where would we be without serious changes that have us dig deep and push forward? Bring it on, I say.

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