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Studying your Solar Return chart can make for another way to look at predicting what’s coming up for the year ahead. If you know how to read a birth chart, the Solar Return chart is a quick and easy way to see what parts of your life will be emphasised in the coming 12 months.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this prediction technique: the Solar Return is the exact moment that the sun returns to the exact natal degree it was in at your first gasp of air. It’s normally on your actual birthday but it can happen the day before or after depending on the Sun’s progress.

As the Sun is the measure for all the other planets, you’ll find that each year they will form new aspects to the Sun and each other, meaning that the colour and flow of every year will continually change. A nice Jupiter/Sun aspect one year versus a dreadfully afflicted Venus/Pluto in the next, well, you get the idea that it’s not all happy campers from each year to the next.

I’ve been studying my solar return since 2006, this was a huge year for me – I moved from Australia to the UK – and one thing I have noticed in the last 3 and a bit years is that you can feel the shift of the new solar year coming…

That’s not my Pisces mercury talking either, many astrologers believe that about 3 months before your new birthday you’ll notice that the key themes will turnover and begin to look more like the upcoming chart. I do believe there’s something in this theory.

This year’s Solar Return is on April 7, I have the Sun in the 3rd house and I’m already noticing that communication, travel, my siblings are going to be a much bigger focus than they have previously. The Sun’s sign will always be your natal sign but the house position is going to change in cycles – the best book I have discovered for ready Solar Return charts is Mary Fortier Shea’s Planets in Solar Returns (http://www.maryshea.com). It tells you in great depth the planets positions and what it all means.

The signs, houses and aspects of the planets in Solar Return indicate the good, bad and ugly events coming to a life near you. You study this chart just like a natal one; What sign is rising? Where is the ruling planet? What are the major aspects to the Sun and Moon?

Think of the Solar Return as a new play that begins anew each year, with the story and stages changes based on the planets’ positions and aspects to the Sun.

Important to note: you’ll not be playing a different character in the Solar Return (it doesn’t replace your birth chart) but it will mean the stage, lights, makeup, production and a new supporting cast of characters;  some lovely, some you want to push off the highest seat in the gallery!

Reading the Solar Return chart will tell you key things about the play you’ve joined and give you a heads up on the major acts that are yet to happen. I find them really fascinating and have found they made more sense to look at the past few and see how/where they indicate the events that took place. My 2008 was a train-wrecked melodrama (oh, the agony) due to a debilitating grand cross involving the Moon.

Once you’ve really got the hang of it, you can incorporate timing when the events predicted in the Solar Return will likely happen. I haven’t got as far as that but that’s what’s lovely about astrology – there’s always a new level of complexity to discover!

You can find the book I mentioned on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Planets-Solar-Returns-Yearly-Transformation/dp/0962662682/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1269621212&sr=1-4

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Boxing glove dont match the dress so lets loose the arms, k?

Boxing glove don't match the dress so let's loose the arms, k?

So far, Venus retrograde has been good to me. I had a lovely moment a few weeks ago when a dear childhood friend who I lost returned (gotta love facebook) and we are very happily back in touch. But coming up it looks as though she has some pretty heavy stuff to show me and I wonder if I can take it? As many astrologers will warn you:

When archaeologists discover the missing arms of Venus de Milo, they will find she was wearing boxing gloves. ~ John Barrymore


As someone who’s chart ruler is Mercury and at the highest point of my chart (conjunct the mid-heaven) I have come to respect, prepare and appreciate Mercury’s regular do-over periods and have learnt a lot about the value of slowing down, taking notes and paying more attention to my inner landscape during this period. And waiting for practically everything in my life to stall and start over differently each time….

But this Venus retrograde has me running scared. Mainly because I’m not as in touch with this planet as I’d like in my own chart (she’s squished between my sun and mars all in 16-17 degrees Aries and often vocally expresses her dislike of this placement like a stroppy beauty queen forced to clean the smelly men’s locker room after the big game) but she does rule my moon (Taurus)  so I like to think that she’s a little more empowered with this placement and will only take orders from Mars and the Sun for as long as it suits her.   

There’s a few reasons why I’m already disliking 2009’s retrograde phase. Firstly, Venus is in my natal sign (Venus in Aries) so I feel reasons to be nervous and expect that there will be some events coming to me during the phase, whether I like it or not. A lot of interesting things are being said about Venus retrograde through this sign, never forgetting to mention how Venus is so obviously uncomfortable in Aries. I think this is all a bit insensitive. Try having it natally and then come and talk to me about how Venus feels in Aries.  

Secondly, another gripe, with Venus in 17 degree Aries means her retrograde period is dragging out my Venus return no end which is like watching a pen rolling  back and forth on an uneven desk and you’re holding your breath waiting for it to roll fast and far enough just to fall off….and worse! in my Venus return chart she’s not a happy bunny. Sure, she’s making a nice conjunction to Mars (but as I have this aspect natally I’m hardly expecting it wil mean very much) in the 2nd house so I’m going to be loving my securities this year. Saturn’s in the 7th house and Aquarius is rising so the less said about that the better. But it is happening on May 23 and the almost the day of the stellar conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which are all rising in the chart so I figure it might not to time to throw it all in just yet. But I’m not breaking out the bunting yet either.

Third and most irritatingly, this means she is now going to be retrograde in my Solar return. Brilliant.  Oh, and did I mention Libra is this year’s SR ascendant so not only is she incapacitated, she’s also the chart ruler. Better and better. GAH. Interestingly though, SR ascendant is cover my natal fourth house so home, family, emotional issues seem to be the lay of the land this year.

To put it midly, I had a truly horrific time of it with love issues last year (SR Venus in the 9th on O degrees Aries square Pluto in the fifth) so I had high hopes that I would have earned some nice love karma (you can’t cry that much and not have the universe take pity on you, surely?), that I could look forward to a new romance or ten but nooooo she’s in the 6th house of my Solar Return so I’m going to be loving to serve others, or my work or my health. What. Ever. I’m seriously thinking of travelling far west of UK (like to Greenland) to see if I can heckle her into the fifth but I don’t think that’s part of the master plan. And then she’d be squashed into the same house as a frightening Uranus-Mars conjunction already occupying the SR fifth house (and I suspect ready to do their worst) 

Everything happens in cycles, right? Well, I’m superstistious enough to think if I try to dodge this one it could only be worse in the end so I’ll just have to live through another year of thinking all men are almost entirely crap….my thanks to Venus. Thanks for nothing.

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